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C, CM, CΔ, Cmaj, CMajor
Notes: C, E, G
x,3,2,0,1,0 (x32.1.)
x,3,5,5,5,3 (x12341)
x,3,2,0,1,3 (x32.14)
8,10,10,9,8,8 (134211)
8,7,5,5,5,8 (321114)
x,x,x,5,8,0 (xxx12.)
x,x,x,5,5,3 (xxx231)
x,x,10,9,8,8 (xx3211)
8,7,10,0,8,0 (214.3.)
x,3,2,0,5,3 (x21.43)
x,3,2,0,x,0 (x21.x.)
x,3,x,0,1,0 (x2x.1.)
x,3,5,5,x,0 (x123x.)
x,3,2,0,1,x (x32.1x)
8,7,x,0,8,0 (21x.3.)
8,7,10,0,x,0 (213.x.)
x,3,2,0,x,3 (x21.x3)
x,3,x,5,5,3 (x1x231)
8,7,5,5,5,x (32111x)
x,3,5,x,5,3 (x12x31)
x,3,2,0,5,x (x21.3x)
8,10,10,9,8,x (13421x)
x,3,x,0,5,3 (x1x.32)
8,7,5,5,x,0 (4312x.)
8,x,10,0,8,0 (1x3.2.)
8,7,5,5,8,x (32114x)
x,3,5,5,5,x (x1234x)
8,x,10,9,8,8 (1x3211)
8,x,5,5,5,8 (2x1113)
8,10,x,9,8,8 (13x211)
x,3,2,x,1,3 (x32x14)
x,x,10,x,8,0 (xx2x1.)
x,3,5,x,1,0 (x23x1.)
8,7,x,0,8,8 (21x.34)
8,10,10,x,8,0 (134x2.)
8,7,5,x,5,8 (321x14)
8,7,5,5,x,8 (3211x4)
8,7,5,x,8,0 (321x4.)
8,7,x,5,8,0 (32x14.)
8,10,10,9,x,8 (1342x1)
8,x,5,5,8,0 (3x124.)
x,x,10,9,8,x (xx321x)
x,3,2,5,x,3 (x214x3)
x,3,2,x,5,3 (x21x43)
8,7,10,0,8,x (214.3x)
8,7,10,x,8,0 (214x3.)
8,7,x,0,5,8 (32x.14)
8,7,10,0,x,8 (214.x3)
x,3,x,0,x,0 (x1x.x.)
8,7,x,0,x,0 (21x.x.)
x,3,2,0,x,x (x21.xx)
x,3,5,x,x,0 (x12xx.)
8,x,10,0,x,0 (1x2.x.)
8,x,x,0,8,0 (1xx.2.)
8,x,x,9,8,8 (1xx211)
x,3,x,0,5,x (x1x.2x)
8,7,5,x,x,0 (321xx.)
x,3,x,x,5,3 (x1xx21)
8,7,5,5,x,x (3211xx)
8,x,5,5,5,x (2x111x)
8,10,10,x,x,0 (123xx.)
8,7,x,x,8,0 (21xx3.)
8,7,10,0,x,x (213.xx)
x,3,2,x,x,3 (x21xx3)
8,7,x,0,8,x (21x.3x)
x,3,5,x,5,x (x12x3x)
8,7,5,x,5,x (321x1x)
8,x,5,5,x,0 (3x12x.)
8,x,10,9,8,x (1x321x)
8,10,x,9,8,x (13x21x)
8,7,x,0,x,8 (21x.x3)
8,7,x,0,5,x (32x.1x)
8,x,x,5,8,0 (2xx13.)
8,x,5,x,5,8 (2x1x13)
8,10,x,9,x,8 (13x2x1)
8,x,10,x,8,0 (1x3x2.)
8,10,10,9,x,x (1342xx)
8,x,5,x,8,0 (2x1x3.)
8,10,x,x,8,0 (13xx2.)
8,7,x,9,8,x (21x43x)
8,7,x,x,8,8 (21xx34)
8,7,5,9,x,x (3214xx)
8,7,5,x,8,x (321x4x)
8,x,x,0,5,8 (2xx.13)
8,7,x,5,8,x (32x14x)
8,7,10,x,8,x (214x3x)
8,7,5,x,x,8 (321xx4)
8,x,5,9,8,x (2x143x)
8,x,5,9,x,8 (2x14x3)
8,x,x,0,x,0 (1xx.x.)
8,7,x,0,x,x (21x.xx)
8,10,x,x,x,0 (12xxx.)
8,x,5,x,x,0 (2x1xx.)
8,x,x,x,8,0 (1xxx2.)
8,x,x,9,8,x (1xx21x)
8,7,5,x,x,x (321xxx)
8,x,5,x,5,x (2x1x1x)
8,7,x,x,8,x (21xx3x)
8,10,x,9,x,x (13x2xx)
8,x,x,0,5,x (2xx.1x)
8,x,5,9,x,x (2x13xx)