Songtive PRO

Looks great on every device

Support Songtive and get extra functionality:

Ad Free, Piano & Guitar chords,
MIDI export, private storage for songs, styles, drumsets.

Songtive mixer. Songtive style editor.

PRO Features

  • Ad Free mode removes all advertisements from Songtive.
  • Guitar or Piano chords. Chords could be activated in selecting Piano or Guitar mode in song menu and then double tap to enter full screen. See our video tutorial.
  • Use private mode during saving and your chord charts, styles or drumset will be stored in Songtive Cloud and won't be visible to anyone.
  • You can use MIDI export feature to export song into another application or just to store you composition locally.

Buy Pro

At this moment we don't support web payments. However, you can purchase PRO Subscription using our mobile applications.

Get started with our tutorial video

Video explains:

  • Styles
  • Drumsets
  • Song Editing
  • Mixer Usage

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