Guitar Chord Chart and Tabs in Orkney with D Tuning

C, CM, CΔ, C maj, C Major
Notes: C, E, G
2,0,2,0,0,2 (1.2..3)
x,0,2,0,0,2 (x.1..2)
2,0,5,0,0,5 (1.2..3)
5,0,2,0,0,5 (2.1..3)
2,0,2,0,0,5 (1.2..3)
5,0,2,0,0,2 (3.1..2)
5,0,5,0,0,2 (2.3..1)
2,0,5,0,0,2 (1.3..2)
x,x,2,0,0,2 (xx1..2)
2,0,2,5,0,5 (1.23.4)
2,5,5,0,0,5 (123..4)
2,0,5,5,0,2 (1.34.2)
5,0,5,5,0,2 (2.34.1)
5,5,2,0,0,5 (231..4)
2,0,5,5,0,5 (1.23.4)
5,0,2,5,0,2 (3.14.2)
2,0,2,5,0,2 (1.24.3)
5,5,5,0,0,2 (234..1)
2,5,5,0,0,2 (134..2)
2,5,2,0,0,5 (132..4)
5,0,2,5,0,5 (2.13.4)
2,5,2,0,0,2 (142..3)
5,5,2,0,0,2 (341..2)
x,0,5,0,0,2 (x.2..1)
x,0,2,0,0,5 (x.1..2)
x,x,x,0,0,2 (xxx..1)
x,0,5,5,0,2 (x.23.1)
x,0,2,5,0,5 (x.12.3)
x,5,5,0,0,2 (x23..1)
x,5,2,0,0,2 (x31..2)
x,5,2,0,0,5 (x21..3)
x,0,2,5,0,2 (x.13.2)
x,5,5,5,0,2 (x234.1)
x,5,2,5,0,5 (x213.4)
x,x,5,0,0,2 (xx2..1)
10,9,10,0,0,10 (213..4)
10,0,10,9,0,10 (2.31.4)
x,x,2,0,0,5 (xx1..2)
5,9,5,0,0,5 (142..3)
5,0,5,9,0,5 (1.24.3)
x,x,2,5,0,5 (xx12.3)
x,x,5,5,0,2 (xx23.1)
x,0,10,9,0,10 (x.21.3)
x,9,10,0,0,10 (x12..3)
x,9,5,0,0,5 (x31..2)
x,0,5,9,0,5 (x.13.2)
x,9,5,5,0,5 (x412.3)
x,5,5,9,0,5 (x124.3)
x,9,5,9,0,5 (x314.2)
x,x,5,9,0,5 (xx13.2)
x,x,x,9,0,5 (xxx2.1)
2,0,2,0,0,x (1.2..x)
x,0,2,0,0,x (x.1..x)
2,0,5,0,0,x (1.2..x)
2,0,x,0,0,2 (1.x..2)
5,0,2,0,0,x (2.1..x)
x,x,2,0,0,x (xx1..x)
5,5,2,0,0,x (231..x)
2,5,2,0,0,x (132..x)
2,5,5,0,0,x (123..x)
2,x,2,0,0,2 (1x2..3)
2,0,2,x,0,2 (1.2x.3)
x,0,x,0,0,2 (x.x..1)
5,0,2,5,0,x (2.13.x)
2,0,5,5,0,x (1.23.x)
2,0,2,5,0,x (1.23.x)
x,0,2,x,0,2 (x.1x.2)
x,5,2,0,0,x (x21..x)
5,0,x,0,0,2 (2.x..1)
2,0,x,0,0,5 (1.x..2)
2,5,5,5,0,x (1234.x)
5,5,2,5,0,x (2314.x)
x,0,2,5,0,x (x.12.x)
10,9,10,0,0,x (213..x)
5,0,x,5,0,2 (2.x3.1)
2,5,x,0,0,2 (13x..2)
5,5,x,0,0,2 (23x..1)
5,0,2,x,0,2 (3.1x.2)
2,0,5,x,0,5 (1.2x.3)
5,x,2,0,0,2 (3x1..2)
5,0,2,x,0,5 (2.1x.3)
2,x,5,0,0,5 (1x2..3)
5,0,5,x,0,2 (2.3x.1)
5,9,5,0,0,x (132..x)
2,0,2,x,0,5 (1.2x.3)
2,x,5,0,0,2 (1x3..2)
5,x,5,0,0,2 (2x3..1)
5,x,2,0,0,5 (2x1..3)
2,x,2,0,0,5 (1x2..3)
2,5,x,0,0,5 (12x..3)
2,0,x,5,0,2 (1.x3.2)
2,0,x,5,0,5 (1.x2.3)
2,0,5,x,0,2 (1.3x.2)
10,0,10,9,0,x (2.31.x)
2,x,5,5,0,2 (1x34.2)
2,5,x,5,0,5 (12x3.4)
x,9,10,0,0,x (x12..x)
5,x,5,5,0,2 (2x34.1)
5,5,2,x,0,2 (341x.2)
5,x,2,5,0,2 (3x14.2)
2,x,5,5,0,5 (1x23.4)
5,5,2,x,0,5 (231x.4)
2,5,2,x,0,5 (132x.4)
5,x,2,5,0,5 (2x13.4)
5,5,x,5,0,2 (23x4.1)
2,x,2,5,0,5 (1x23.4)
2,5,5,x,0,5 (123x.4)
5,0,5,9,0,x (1.23.x)
2,5,5,x,0,2 (134x.2)
5,5,5,x,0,2 (234x.1)
x,0,x,5,0,2 (x.x2.1)
x,9,5,0,0,x (x21..x)
x,0,5,x,0,2 (x.2x.1)
x,5,x,0,0,2 (x2x..1)
x,0,2,x,0,5 (x.1x.2)
5,5,5,9,0,x (1234.x)
x,0,10,9,0,x (x.21.x)
5,9,5,9,0,x (1324.x)
5,9,5,5,0,x (1423.x)
x,0,5,9,0,x (x.12.x)