Guitar Chord Chart and Tabs in To dziwne Tuning

F#, F#M, F#Δ, F# maj, F# Major
Notes: F♯, A♯, C♯
2,2,5,4,2,3 (114312)
x,2,5,4,2,3 (x14312)
x,2,5,0,2,3 (x14.23)
x,5,5,7,7,7 (x11234)
x,5,5,0,7,7 (x12.34)
x,x,5,4,2,3 (xx4312)
x,x,x,4,2,3 (xxx312)
x,5,9,0,7,7 (x14.23)
x,10,9,0,7,10 (x32.14)
x,x,5,7,7,7 (xx1234)
x,10,9,0,11,10 (x21.43)
x,x,9,0,7,10 (xx2.13)
x,x,9,0,11,10 (xx1.32)
x,x,x,0,11,10 (xxx.21)
2,2,5,4,2,x (11321x)
2,2,x,4,2,3 (11x312)
2,2,x,0,2,3 (12x.34)
2,5,5,4,2,x (13421x)
2,2,5,x,2,3 (113x12)
6,2,5,4,2,x (41321x)
2,5,x,4,2,3 (14x312)
2,2,5,0,2,x (124.3x)
6,5,5,7,7,x (21134x)
2,x,5,4,2,3 (1x4312)
x,2,x,4,2,3 (x1x312)
x,2,5,4,2,x (x1321x)
x,2,x,0,2,3 (x1x.23)
6,2,5,x,2,3 (413x12)
6,5,5,0,2,x (423.1x)
6,2,5,0,2,x (413.2x)
6,2,x,4,2,3 (41x312)
6,5,5,7,x,7 (2113x4)
6,5,5,x,7,7 (211x34)
6,5,5,0,7,x (312.4x)
x,2,5,x,2,3 (x13x12)
x,2,5,0,2,x (x13.2x)
6,5,5,0,x,3 (423.x1)
6,5,5,0,x,7 (312.x4)
6,x,5,0,2,3 (4x3.12)
6,5,x,0,2,3 (43x.12)
6,2,x,0,2,3 (41x.23)
6,5,x,0,7,7 (21x.34)
x,5,5,7,x,7 (x112x3)
x,5,5,x,7,7 (x11x23)
x,5,5,4,2,x (x3421x)
6,5,x,0,7,3 (32x.41)
9,5,9,0,7,x (314.2x)
x,5,5,4,x,3 (x342x1)
9,5,5,7,x,7 (4112x3)
6,5,9,0,7,x (214.3x)
9,5,5,x,7,7 (411x23)
x,5,x,4,2,3 (x4x312)
x,5,5,0,x,7 (x12.x3)
x,5,x,0,7,7 (x1x.23)
9,10,9,0,7,x (243.1x)
9,x,9,0,7,7 (3x4.12)
x,x,5,4,2,x (xx321x)
9,10,9,0,11,x (132.4x)
9,10,9,0,x,10 (132.x4)
x,5,5,4,7,x (x2314x)
9,5,9,0,x,7 (314.x2)
9,5,5,0,x,7 (412.x3)
9,5,x,0,7,7 (41x.23)
9,x,5,0,7,7 (4x1.23)
6,5,9,0,x,7 (214.x3)
9,10,9,0,x,7 (243.x1)
x,5,9,0,7,x (x13.2x)
9,10,x,0,7,7 (34x.12)
9,x,9,0,7,10 (2x3.14)
6,x,9,0,7,10 (1x3.24)
9,10,x,0,11,10 (12x.43)
6,10,x,0,7,10 (13x.24)
6,10,9,0,x,10 (132.x4)
9,x,9,0,11,10 (1x2.43)
x,5,5,4,x,7 (x231x4)
x,5,x,4,7,3 (x3x241)
x,10,9,0,x,10 (x21.x3)
x,5,9,0,x,7 (x13.x2)
9,10,x,0,11,7 (23x.41)
9,x,9,0,11,7 (2x3.41)
x,x,5,7,x,7 (xx12x3)
x,10,x,0,11,10 (x1x.32)
x,x,9,0,x,10 (xx1.x2)
2,2,x,4,2,x (11x21x)
2,2,x,x,2,3 (11xx12)
2,2,x,0,2,x (12x.3x)
6,5,5,0,x,x (312.xx)
2,2,5,x,2,x (112x1x)
x,2,x,0,2,x (x1x.2x)
6,5,5,7,x,x (2113xx)
2,x,x,4,2,3 (1xx312)
2,5,x,4,2,x (13x21x)
2,x,5,4,2,x (1x321x)
x,2,x,x,2,3 (x1xx12)
6,2,5,x,2,x (312x1x)
6,5,5,x,7,x (211x3x)
2,5,5,4,x,x (1342xx)
x,2,5,x,2,x (x12x1x)
6,5,5,4,x,x (4231xx)
9,10,9,0,x,x (132.xx)
x,5,5,4,x,x (x231xx)
6,5,x,0,7,x (21x.3x)
6,5,5,x,x,7 (211xx3)
6,5,9,0,x,x (213.xx)
9,5,9,0,x,x (213.xx)
6,2,x,x,2,3 (31xx12)
6,x,5,0,2,x (3x2.1x)
6,2,x,0,2,x (31x.2x)
6,5,x,0,2,x (32x.1x)
6,5,x,0,x,3 (32x.x1)
2,5,x,4,x,3 (14x3x2)
6,5,5,x,2,x (423x1x)
6,x,5,7,7,x (2x134x)
6,x,x,0,2,3 (3xx.12)
6,x,5,4,2,x (4x321x)
6,5,x,0,x,7 (21x.x3)
x,5,9,0,x,x (x12.xx)
x,5,5,x,x,7 (x11xx2)
9,x,9,0,7,x (2x3.1x)
6,5,x,4,x,3 (43x2x1)