Guitar Chord Chart and Tabs in To dziwne Tuning

C°, Cmb5, Cmo5, C dim, C Diminished
Notes: C, E♭, G♭
x,7,11,9,7,9 (x14213)
x,x,x,9,7,9 (xxx213)
x,x,11,9,7,9 (xx4213)
8,7,x,9,7,9 (21x314)
8,7,11,9,7,x (21431x)
11,7,11,9,7,x (31421x)
11,10,11,9,x,9 (3241x1)
x,7,x,9,7,9 (x1x213)
11,7,11,x,7,9 (314x12)
8,7,11,x,7,9 (214x13)
11,7,x,9,7,9 (41x213)
x,7,11,9,7,x (x1321x)
x,10,11,9,x,9 (x231x1)
x,7,11,x,7,9 (x13x12)
x,7,x,6,7,9 (x2x134)
x,10,11,9,7,x (x3421x)
x,10,x,9,7,9 (x4x213)
x,x,11,9,7,x (xx321x)
8,7,x,9,7,x (21x31x)
8,7,x,x,7,9 (21xx13)
8,7,x,6,7,x (42x13x)
x,7,x,6,7,x (x2x13x)
11,7,11,x,7,x (213x1x)
8,7,11,x,7,x (213x1x)
11,10,11,9,x,x (3241xx)
x,7,x,x,7,9 (x1xx12)
11,10,x,9,x,9 (32x1x1)
8,10,11,9,x,x (1342xx)
x,10,x,9,x,9 (x2x1x1)
11,7,x,x,7,9 (31xx12)
8,x,x,9,7,9 (2xx314)
8,10,x,9,7,x (24x31x)
x,7,11,x,7,x (x12x1x)
x,10,11,9,x,x (x231xx)
8,10,x,9,x,9 (14x2x3)
11,x,11,9,7,x (3x421x)
8,x,11,9,7,x (2x431x)
11,10,11,x,7,x (324x1x)
11,10,11,x,x,9 (324xx1)
11,x,11,x,7,9 (3x4x12)
11,10,x,x,7,9 (43xx12)
11,x,x,9,7,9 (4xx213)
8,7,x,x,7,x (21xx1x)
11,10,11,x,x,x (213xxx)
8,10,x,9,x,x (13x2xx)
8,x,x,9,7,x (2xx31x)
11,x,11,x,7,x (2x3x1x)
11,10,x,x,x,9 (32xxx1)
11,x,x,x,7,9 (3xxx12)