Guitar Chord Chart and Tabs in To dziwne Tuning

Csus4, Csus, C4, Cadd4
Notes: C, F, G
x,x,11,11,8,9 (xx3412)
x,x,x,11,8,9 (xxx312)
8,11,11,11,8,x (12341x)
8,9,11,11,8,x (12341x)
8,9,x,11,8,9 (12x413)
8,x,11,11,8,9 (1x3412)
8,9,11,x,8,9 (124x13)
8,11,x,11,8,9 (13x412)
x,9,x,6,8,9 (x3x124)
x,9,11,11,8,x (x2341x)
x,11,11,11,8,x (x2341x)
x,11,11,11,x,9 (x234x1)
x,11,x,11,8,9 (x3x412)
x,9,x,11,8,9 (x2x413)
x,9,11,x,8,9 (x24x13)
x,x,11,11,8,x (xx231x)
x,11,11,11,x,x (x111xx)
8,9,x,x,8,9 (12xx13)
8,11,x,11,8,x (12x31x)
8,x,11,11,8,x (1x231x)
8,9,x,11,8,x (12x31x)
8,9,11,x,8,x (123x1x)
8,9,x,6,8,x (24x13x)
8,11,11,11,x,x (1234xx)
8,x,x,11,8,9 (1xx312)
x,9,x,6,8,x (x3x12x)
x,9,x,x,8,9 (x2xx13)
8,11,x,11,x,9 (13x4x2)
x,9,11,x,8,x (x23x1x)
x,11,x,11,x,9 (x2x3x1)
8,9,x,x,8,x (12xx1x)
8,x,x,11,8,x (1xx21x)
8,11,x,11,x,x (12x3xx)