Guitar Chord Chart and Tabs in To dziwne Tuning

Cmsus2, C-sus, Cminsus
Notes: C, D, E♭
x,7,11,9,x,11 (x132x4)
x,7,11,8,x,11 (x132x4)
x,7,11,8,x,9 (x142x3)
x,x,11,9,x,11 (xx21x3)
8,4,x,8,4,x (21x31x)
x,4,x,8,4,x (x1x21x)
x,6,x,6,4,x (x2x31x)
8,7,x,8,4,x (32x41x)
8,6,x,8,4,x (32x41x)
8,6,x,6,4,x (42x31x)
10,x,11,9,x,9 (2x31x1)
x,7,x,6,3,x (x3x21x)
10,7,11,9,x,x (3142xx)
11,7,11,8,x,x (3142xx)
8,7,x,8,x,9 (21x3x4)
10,7,11,8,x,x (3142xx)
8,7,11,8,x,x (2143xx)
8,6,x,9,x,9 (21x3x4)
10,7,x,9,x,9 (41x2x3)
10,7,x,8,x,9 (41x2x3)
x,7,11,8,x,x (x132xx)
11,x,11,9,x,11 (2x31x4)
x,7,x,8,x,9 (x1x2x3)
10,x,11,9,x,11 (2x31x4)
10,7,x,6,x,9 (42x1x3)
10,6,x,9,x,9 (41x2x3)
8,x,11,9,x,11 (1x32x4)
11,x,11,8,x,9 (3x41x2)
11,x,11,8,x,11 (2x31x4)
x,6,x,9,x,9 (x1x2x3)
10,7,11,x,x,11 (213xx4)
11,7,x,8,x,9 (41x2x3)
10,7,11,x,x,9 (314xx2)
8,7,11,x,x,11 (213xx4)
8,7,x,9,x,11 (21x3x4)
11,7,11,x,x,11 (213xx4)
8,7,x,8,x,11 (21x3x4)
x,7,11,x,x,11 (x12xx3)
8,7,x,8,x,x (21x3xx)
11,x,11,x,x,11 (1x1xx1)
10,x,x,9,x,9 (2xx1x1)
8,6,x,9,x,x (21x3xx)
8,x,x,8,4,x (2xx31x)
8,6,x,x,4,x (32xx1x)
10,7,11,x,x,x (213xxx)
10,7,x,6,x,x (32x1xx)
10,x,11,9,x,x (2x31xx)
11,x,11,8,x,x (2x31xx)
10,7,x,x,x,9 (31xxx2)
8,x,x,9,x,11 (1xx2x3)
11,x,x,8,x,9 (3xx1x2)
8,7,x,x,x,11 (21xxx3)